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Dixon Miles is NOT Nelson Miles

Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:08 pm

I know the data base is closed, but for future reference in a putative ACW2, it is worth noting that US "General" Dixon Miles is NOT Nelson Miles. The game has the picture of the former and the (brief!) bio of the latter.

Dixon Miles (4 May 1804-16 Sept 1862) never rose above the rank of colonel, was a notorious drunkard, and lost Harper's Ferry in the Antietam campaign due to gross negligence of duty. He was also mortally wounded during the siege, to the general relief of all concerned.

Nelson Miles (8 Aug 1839 - 15 May 1925) was a gallant and experienced officer who was several times wounded in major actions of the Army of the Potomac and won the Medal of Honor for gallantry at Chancellorsville. He finished the war with the rank of Major General of Volunteers. After the war, he was a very successful commander in most of the wars against the Plains Indians. The two men could not be more different.

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