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Giving Prussia Colonial Ideas

Tue May 05, 2020 8:34 pm


I want to give Prussia colonial options for some early game fun.
Ive read in a post where some1 solved this issue for Austria by giving them the Kolonialverein event

So I changed it for Prussia to this;

Code: Select all

SelectFaction = GER
SelectRegion = $Westfalen
StartEvent = evt_nam_GER_Kolonialverein1882|1|2|evt_txt_GER_Kolonialverein1882|Event-img_GER_Kolonialverein1882|$Brandenburg|NULL

  MinDate = 1850/01/01
  MaxDate = 1850/02/01
  Probability = 100




It does work and I get the event on the 2nd turn, but I wonder if there will be lategame problems because this is an event originally for Germany much later and maybe can cause trouble with something?


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Re: Giving Prussia Colonial Ideas

Mon Jun 22, 2020 10:54 pm

Hi. I made Austrian colonial events copying basically what you showed from Germany.

I think if you use the same exact event name, the game will consider it already "triggered" and not use it again. Within the script, you can specify how many times it will fire. ... Event.html

If you leave as default, it would only fire once, I believe. (I'm also relative novice modder, but based on what I've done thus far, that is how I see it.)

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