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What Determines a Battle "Victory"

Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:26 pm

I'm sure the stats are FAR more important than the battle heading (who won), but just curious how "Victory" is decided.

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Re: What Determines a Battle "Victory"

Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:39 pm ... ction=edit

"The "Victor" in a battle is determined by "Battle Points".

*You gain 'Battle Points' at the end of battle. If you hold the ground, you gain 5 points. If you don't hold it (this means you have no fighting units left with a posture which is not passive), you lose 5 points.
*You gain one battle point for each NM you gained. Same for losses: you lose one BP for each NM lost
*If your side is routed, you lose a further 5 BP.

Then there is a check for who gained the most BP. This means, and this is important, that victory in the AGE engine is not only considers who is holding the ground. If you 'win' a large Pyrrhic victory, then you'll be declared as the loser regardless of holding the battlefield at the end of the day.

Commander’s Note: Victory in a battle is determined primarily by the losses suffered and losses inflicted.
It is possible to be considered the victor in a battle even if your Force withdraws if it inflicts serious losses on an opposing force."
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