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Impressions and notes

Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:18 am

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Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:15 pm

This game just needs a few things sorted out and it will be great. Just finished my first 15 years, playing as Greece.

1. Managing to capture two Ottoman HQs they slowly regenerated back to full stretgh. I was fielding an Ottoman Army Corps in my Greek Army. For some reason this didnt happen in the second war with the Turks. Same thing happened with the Spanish in the Cuban war scenario. I captured a USA Army HQ and voila!

2. All this Austrian puppet states white peace the Serbs and Moldavians and then declare war again in support of Austria.

3. Austria and Russia seem to drag their small wars for ever. I am guessing Austria is occupying Belgrade for ever to get prestige points, instead of annexing the country, correct? Same with Russia and Sweden.

4. Cyprus, despite having a 90%(or something) ethnic Greek population has a 5% Loyalty towards Greece, 20% towards the Ottomans, 25% towards rebels and 50% towards Cyprus. 50% of the Cypriots wanting an independent Cyprus is a percentage that Cypriot politicians would dream about today, but not in 1850s. And whats the rebel Loyalty? Same thing in Krete. There are no decisions(with Greece at least) to influence the Loyalty of a province.

5. The Austrian Juggernaught declared war on me, their only casus belli being my temporary occupation of Salonika in a war against the Turks. Peacing out with the Turks to face that new threat, control of Salonika returned to the Ottoman Empire. Yet the war with the Austrians remained.

6. How does this thing with Generals work exactly? Both the starting Greek generals retire in 1865, in the middle of my war for survival with the Austrians, and nobody replaces them. I checked the data files, and there are generals that are supposed to come in 1860!. Could it be that they had been both promoted to Fieldmarshals before they retired that fucked the sequence up? Btw their original retirement dates were 1860 and 1863, dunno why they stick around untill 1865.

7. Random Bulgarian rebels spawn in Crete and other aegean islands

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Re: Impressions and notes

Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:25 pm

I would also like to know how exactly the events concerning Generals work as I sometimes don't understand why some generals simply don't appear when they should (according to their Model's file), while others stay for longer than they are supposed to. I'd love to know where such files are, so that I could work around them myself.

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