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NCP {public beta} Patch 1.09 RC5 = April 21, 2012

Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:55 pm

Nuevo parche beta

NCP {public beta} Patch 1.09 RC5 = April 21, 2012

El enlace

Lo que contiene:

THIS PATCH DOES NOT WORK FOR THE 1.00 VERSION, if you have not installed the Foundation Patch

================================================== ===================
NCP Patch 1.09 beta RC5
April 21 , 2012
================================================== ===================

This patch is not compatible with saved games from versions earlier than 1.09 RC1.
In all cases, the Saved Game Folder will be deleted.

. Newest Game Engine [120413]
. Fixed: Ledger no longer closes with <right-click>
. Fixed: Transports carrying large troop formations were pillaging ocean regions
. Fixed: ''Looping'' patrol orders that plot the starting region as the ending region now properly move
. Fixed: A 'stealthy unit' [undetected] cannot totally block gains in MC. A ratio of Patrol factors is used, with some MC gained by a large force on the last day of a turn.
. Fixed: Erroneous logic for Militia movement outside home area
. Models, Units and text
. Edited all LocalStrings to remove illegal characters (; and &)
. Added Localized text for model and leader element detail display
. Reconciled all leader ranks and NATO symbols
. 1808 Spanish Campaign:
. Added Service annual replacements
. Graphics
. Fixed SPA Abadia Army Portrait
(Unit_SPA_Abadia.png removed from \Armies&Fleets folder [erroneous graphic and location])
. Added Swedish signature for Options
. Major revisions to all options for all scenarios [Thank you Franciscus and Bohemond!!!!]
. Replacement options created for the 1804 (Flotille de Boulogne) scenario
. Replacement options created for the Finland (Russo-Swedish war) scenario
. Replacement options created for England in the August 1805 (Thames or Danube) scenario
. Replacements quantities and types adjusted for all land scenarios, with the corresponding event messages and text updated

. Concept:

. Establish coherence among all the scenarios, using Bohémond's options for the Prussian Campaign as a "template" (main exception being the 1815 scenario)
. Avoid useless replacements (vd militia, light artillery for FRA or RUS), which was for the major part achieved (there are now only some heavy cavalry that will be useless to Austria in 1814 and Prussia in 1815, but that's mainly all)
. Create options for the Finland and the fictional 1804 (Boulogne) scenarios that had none
. Give England forces replacement options in the 1805 August (Thames or Danube) scenario, they had none.
. Give Austria cavalry and artillery replacement options in the 1813 and 1814 scenarios
. Give Prussia cavalry and artillery replacement options in the 1813, 1814 and 1815 scenarios

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NCP public beta Patch 1 09 RC5 April 21 2012

Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:14 pm

Awesome work Fila do you have any issues if I crosspost, and mirror the patches on my site?

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Re: NCP {public beta} Patch 1.09 RC5 = April 21, 2012

Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:36 am

Wrong post!

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