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Tue Oct 14, 2014 8:41 pm

ajarnlance wrote:Name: Lance
PBEM experience: None
Email: PM
Games: CW2/ TEAW/ AJE/ PON.
Preferred side: flexible
Turn frequency: 1 turn per day
Spoken languages: English
Location: Saudi Arabia (GMT +2)

Hey - which aje scenario do you want to play?

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Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:49 am

Name (nickname): Barca
PBEM experience : none (very experienced against Athena though)
e-mail : viclibet@gmail dot com
Game : CW2
Scenario/Campaign : April 1861 campaign.
Frequency : 3-4 turns per per week (Friday thru Monday)
Preferred side : CSA
Note on play: would prefer opponent who likes to stay somewhat historical (so not 100% of reinforcements in the East)
Spoken languages : French, German, English
Location : Brussels, Belgium (GMT +1)

alabama joe
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Name (nickname): Joseph Brant
PBEM experience : none (very experienced against Athena though)
e-mail :
Game : CW2, TEAW, ROP.
Scenario/Campaign : every long campaign
Preferred side : flexible
Spoken languages : Italian, English
Location : Pesaro, Italy (GMT +1)

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Name (nickname): Random8k ( [7th Bat] Random on Steam)
PBEM experience : None
e-mail : PM
Game : BoA 2
Scenario/Campaign : Any
Frequency :1 Turn/day, depending on RL.
Preferred side : Any
Note on play: Completely new to AGEOD games, but I figure PBEM might be one way to learn the ropes. So don't expect too much of a challenge from me.
Spoken languages : English
Location : Louisiana, USA (Central Time/GMT -5)

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Contact: Website

Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:09 am

Name (nickname): lordlau1 - Ed
PBEM experience : Moderate
e-mail :
Scenario/Campaign : Every Grand Campaign
Preferred side : flexible
Spoken languages : English
Location : Eastern (EST)

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Name: Serhiy
PBEM Experience: Moderate
Games: Revolution Under Siege (Gold), Espana 1936
Preferred side: Any
Turn Frequency: 1-2 turns per day
spoken languages: English, russian
Location: Ukraine

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Re: ---> PBEM games, register here <---

Sun Jan 01, 2017 1:42 pm

Rhys (DreamsDefined),
Games: CW2. TEAW. WON.
Preferred side: Any, pretty flexible.
Turn frequency: Daily, at least.
Spoken languages: English.

Additional informations:
Live in Australia, but can work around multiple timezones. Pretty open to any game format, so just give me a PM and we'll go from there!

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