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Purchasing Artillery with and without WarSupply

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:39 pm
by Captain_Orso
Purchasing Artillery seems to be a very difficult subject causing much confusion. I will try to clear up some of this confusion.

First off, to purchase artillery you will need a minimum of 4 things: Money ($), War Supply (WSU), Conscript Companies (CC) and a City that you control[SUP]1)[/SUP] in a region in which you have at least 50% Militry Control (MC) and 25% Loyalty.

Given a location meeting the requirements you of course also need enough $, WSU and CC to meet the purchase requirements of the unit(s) to be purchased. Because the Economy Status Panel only gives a close estimate to budgeted Income and Expenditure


if purchases are listed as being very close to the projected balance, circumstances during the executed turn can cause any of these resources to fluctuate and render any ordered purchases to be canceled without notice. Especially in turns in which a large number of units are being purchased entire blocks of these purchases can fail to be executed even if only a small part of the purchase order would not be covered.

Since Update 1.16 there are additional restrictions for states west of the Mississippi starting with Missouri and southward.

Extract from the 1.16 Update file
[color="#FF0000"]Effective with patch 1.16 [RC5 and later][/color]
Explanation of the “Raise Rule” applied when buying new units or when the annual Militia muster occurs:
  • $recWSU: Only raise in a region that is producing War Supply.
    • All field Artillery (separate units) Units with “imbedded artillery” do not require WSU in region.
    • This is WAD: KS, TX, MS, MO, AR require Industrialization to build artillery
  • $recTown and $recCity use different probability on which city the unit gets built in Area (recCity squares the size of city) , so a bigger city is more likely to be chosen as build site.
  • $recHarbor and $recHarborWSU add to these the requirment of a port
    • $recHarborWSU: Coastal and Fort Batteries, Ironclads, Monitors, Steam Frigates, Armored Frigates
  • $RecCap will only allow build in your Capital
    • Army HQ Units
  • $RecObj will only allow build in a controlled Objective
    • Signal, Medical, Engineer, Naval Engineer, Baloons
  • For all cases you need >=50% Miltary Control to build (and note that MC increases slowly with only small units in a newly captured region)
  • For all cases you need >=25% loyalty to build in a region
  • All units that require WSU to build have an Alternate Area defined that allows unit build outside the Home Area if no controlled Region that generates WSU is in the Home Area.

Example: if you are raising a unit in Missouri, you'll need at least 1 city with >50% MC and >25% Loyalty for the unit to appear in MO.
Additionally, you'll need a region with these values that produces WSU to build Artillery. Otherwise, you'll need to meet the
requirement in the Alternate Area (South West for CSA MO) to build.


What is not mentioned here is that almost all artillery units now have the $recWSU restriction[SUP]2)[/SUP] and that only KS, TX, MS, MO and AR have Alternate Areas designated for building these units if those states are not producing WSU. For artillery to be built in all other states they must produce WSU. If you plan a purchase of artillery in a state required to produce WSU and that state is not producing WSU the purchase will simply not be processed. In this case the planned expenditure of $, WSU and CC will not be assessed.

1) To control a city your faction must be the last faction to have had at least one line infantry or late war cavalry unit inside the city. An exception to this is if your faction has >= 50% loyalty in the region, in which case militia and irregular units can also control a city. Having 100% MC of the region will not give you control if the city.

2) Artillery units that are not affiliated to a specific state have no $recWSU restrictions other than their purchase costs.

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:06 pm
by lodilefty
Very nice! :love:
Stickied, as this is a good reference!

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:06 am
by GlobalExplorer
I discovered this "bug" before. In a 1.16 LP, several purchases of Texas Artillery failed for unknown reasons.
This interfered somewhat with my military build-up strategy in these states, and I discussed it with some people online, who couldn't offer solutions and said I should be aware that it's a "bug".

Good to know that it's a feature :)

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:09 pm
by Captain_Orso
This is not a 'bug', this is WAD (Works As Designed).

Wenn es dir nicht klar ist, wie diese Regeln funktionieren, wegen der Sprache, lasse mich es wissen, und ich werde ein Thread auf deutsch in den deutsche Forum stellen, dass alle was davon habe.

Es grüßt der Bär

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:25 am
by anjou
Captain_Orso wrote:This is not a 'bug', this is WAD (Works As Designed).

Wenn es dir nicht klar ist, wie diese Regeln funktionieren, wegen der Sprache, lasse mich es wissen, und ich werde ein Thread auf deutsch in den deutsche Forum stellen, dass alle was davon habe.

Es grüßt der Bär

Good to know. Wondered about that

Purchasing Artillery with and without WarS

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:22 am
by RaymondOr
Im not sure whats up but its gotta be an issue with your set up because I rent movies not only in HD but in HDX almost every day.

As a guess from the way the 3D content has been going I would says maybe VUDU isnt recognizing you have 720p and there fore wont even show you the content??

Im not that sure but just thought I throw it out there.