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Coordinating Attacks

Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:07 am

Newb here, I have BoA2 and CW2. How do I coordinate my attacks on a particular region? I guess this is actually a 2-part question:

1) How do I make it so Army A marches to Army B and joins that army, then Army A and B together march to a new region for a battle (or to take over a city)?

2) How do I make it so Army A marches to a Region 1 for a battle at the same time that Army B marches to Region 1 from a different starting region for the same battle? (I understand there may be unexpected delays, but it seems like it should be possible to at least project a delay based upon the estimated march time...for example, if it will take Army A 5 turns to reach Region 1 and Army B 8 turns, how can I tell Army A to wait 3 days before starting to march?)

Thank you for the help!


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Re: Coordinating Attacks

Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:14 am

Hi butsam – These are two great games and one solution will apply to both even though CW2 has the excellent additional feature of coordinated march if the two forces start in the same region.

For #1 – march your slowest force to the region you wish to attack. Then plot your faster force to merge with the slower force by dropping it onto the slower force. You will get a confirming message the force A is joining force B.

For #2 – this may be impossible in most situation, but there is a solution in some situations. You need to individually plot your faster force in a region by region movement to slow it down. Only fleets wait before initiating movement, so if you are moving armies, this is not a worry. However, weather and terrain might make an adjustment to your planned march. And, if you are using Veteran activation the actual activation status might also change things.

So do not project a delay unless one of the above factors apply. Instead, plot your slower moving force; then try alternate routes until you find one where your faster force arrives at the same time. Additionally, with good leaders you can experiment with forced marching, that is, force march your slower force; when this does not work, force march your faster force through a longer path or more difficult terrain. I also switch out leaders to speed or slow forces.

Some thoughts

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Re: Coordinating Attacks

Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:19 pm

There is an alternative to #1 in WiA.

Lets assume you have army 1 two provinces behind army 2 and your target is in the next province.

Select army 1 and drop it onto army 2 - that gives it a move/merge command. Move army 2 to the target. It will wait for the other army to move up and then you attack in a single stack. You need to be sure that army 1 has the movement capacity to reach the province in its own right.

This can be a great trick in the Albany-Montreal corridor as you can really catch your opponent out. It also works in AJE where it can again really give you an unexpected advantage.

Equally, you can target a transport fleet and move out of port in the same turn even though your army starts off inland. I've outflanked Narwhal (a very good, if now semi-retired player of WiA) using this trick.

It doesn't work if the two armies start parallel - or on opposite sides - to the target as one needs to wait for the other.

In WiA watch out for fatigue. If you march to near the full monthly capacity, apart from the eastern coast in the later scenarios, you could arrive too fatigued (low cohesion) to actually fight.

In general in WiA, due to the army sizes, low supply yield and poor terrain you will find that the right leader traits can offset a lack of raw combat power. A fast mover who can reduce your supply needs may be far more effective than someone who appears to be a better battle commander.

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