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AGEOD Policy on Modding

Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:53 am

[SIZE="6"]Policy on Modding[/size]

1. Community mods (from now on “mods” or “mod”) are modifications to the original game files made by community members for the community to enhance the experience on the game. AGEOD encourages all type of modding for their games and with that purpose the AGE Wiki (here: has been created as a repository of knowledge about modding.

2. AGEOD does not impose a restrictive modding policy, everyone is entitled to modify the AGEOD game files the way they like more.

3. Everyone is free to create their own “special” mod to their likings. AGEOD will encourage all kinds of mods, being them mods about better historical representation of the time, about graphical changes and/or complete fantasy changes... the posibilities are endless. In any case, the modder is fully responsible of their work and subsequent updates.

4. Modders are free to mod the way they want the game files with the tools they want. But, keep in mind that to be able to include part of a modders work into an official patch, if the opportunity arises, the mod must follow the official procedure:
• Use the Excel DB files supplied by AGEOD
• Keep a detailed list of changes and updates to the files, so every little change, no matter how small it is, is traceable.
• Stay within the limits of the game design created by AGEOD for the specific game
In case the mod complies with that, the modder will be contacted by an AGEOD member to talk about the details of including his work into an official patch. Not complying with the points above disqualifies the mod for inclusion in an official patch.
This doesn’t mean that all mods made this way will be included in a future patch, there are no obligations from AGEOD to include a certain mod in an official patch.

5. AGEOD can provide help and/or support to the modder ONLY if the mod was made using the Excel DB files supplied by AGEOD and the changes were done following the recommendations made by AGEOD employees/volunteers. AGEOD doesn’t have the resources to “learn your way of modding”, we are sorry for that.

6. The modder is fully responsible to update his work if a new patch “breaks” his mod. AGEOD is not responsible of updating any type of mod. It is the modders responsibility to keep them up to date with the last changes done to the AGE engine.

7. AGEOD will not host any mod or allow its discussion on the forums if it should be found to infringe on someone's IP without the required approval.

8. Although AGEOD supports all types of modding, out of sheer courtesy and for copyright reasons, mods using our material for other companies games should be informed to us BEFORE being made public.

9. Any AGEOD employees/volunteers will not comment or disparage any type of mods in public. They will help modders and encourage them to work, in the end, to help the AGEOD community grow.

Thanks All

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