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Re: Best game from you guys until now - congrats!

Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:56 pm

Indeed a great game, so congrats to you Philippe and the entire team...

And yes, we need a way to relinquish territory recentl captured (maybe before it is pacified?). After all after Varus's desaster the Romans continued to conduct punitive expedtions into Germania with no intent to establish permanent colonies.

In my current game I might just have such an issue, the Celticii declared war on me (Rome) and rapidly took back a Cisalpine region I had not yet fortified since the last war while my two Consular armies were still busy settling with the Etruscans. I will have no problem reconquering my province and defeating any Celticii in Cisalpina. But I have no interest to expand into a new province in the north. I'm planning a war in the future with Carthage over Sicily (the plague of wars might make that one to easy as the Carthaginians seem to have 4-5 wars ongoing) which has one of my objectives and is otherwise attractive compared to the Alps and beyond...

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