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Combined Allied Formations

Sat Mar 17, 2018 4:55 pm

Hey All,

Just wanted to pose two quick Grand Alliance questions:

1. At the beginning of the full Spanish Succession campaign, independent Scottish and Swiss brigades appear in the Netherlands. Historically, I believe that these were (at least initially?) part of the States-General army. So I assume then that the Swiss can serve under any Dutch or Anglo-Dutch commander without penalty, but where do the Scots fit in? Can I place them under the control of Dutch (or English) generals without the "Anglo-Dutch commander" ability? For example, Schomberg is listed as a "Dutch-German" commander. Can I combine the Scottish brigade with the Army of Brabant?

2. On a similar note, combined Anglo-Dutch fleets were quite common during the war (and in the Nine Year's War). Often, an English fleet would include a large Dutch squadron. Nevertheless, I don't see an "Anglo-Dutch" command ability for my admirals, not even for Rooke. Can any English admiral command Dutch ships without penalty (or vice-versa)?

Hats off again to Ageod for this brilliant game! Huzzah! Lang leve de Grote Alliantie! :dada: :innocent:


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Re: Combined Allied Formations

Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:54 am

Good point about the Anglo-Dutch ability for admirals, I think it was missed :sherlock:

As for the Scottish brigade I am unsure they can work with various other nationalities in the present version..possibly the Scots could be added as "CoopTag" of both factions.

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