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AI uses the Requisitions decision excessively

Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:20 pm

Playing with the recent patch in GNW the Anti-Swedish Coalition AI is using requisitions far too often, at least in same provinces. Kazan has a rebel alignment of 61 % and Cheboksary 63 %, and it's only October 1701!

Btw, what does the province's loyalty affect? It's production? Anything else? FOW?

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Re: AI uses the Requisitions decision excessively

Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:58 pm

I suspect you're right that AI is really misusing that decision.

I'm playing the GNW scenario. It's Jan. 1707 and the AI Anti-Swedish forces have a grand total of -358 VPs. (That's right- the AI has negative VPs seven years into the campaign!) I just used the option to remove the Saxon-Polish troops from the war which greatly reduced their VP intake which now stands at just 40/turn. However, they still shouldn't be in the red as far as VPs.

The requisition and draft decisions really should be rethought.

Firstly, they're too cheap as far EPs. I know the patch included a single EP cost, but to the Swedes that's nothing. Right now, I have nearly 800 EPs. Make EPs valuable again.

Secondly, they're too many of them. As the Swedes, I get 12 requisition decisions per turn. I only use eight per year (four in January and four in July) because I want to avoid their negative consequences building-up too much (losing VPs and loyalty) and, frankly, it's just too gamey to spam that decision. However, I don't believe the AI has any such scruples.

Thirdly, they can be used in ANY loyal region. It doesn't matter if there is a city or town in that region or how rich or poor it is. You can use that decision on any region and it appears you'll get the same amount of cash. I still don't understand whether this WAD or is a bug. If it is WAD is really should be re-evaluated.

Is the AI spamming that decision too much as a result of the above? Is it destroying the loyalty of its own provinces? I haven't looked too deep into that. However, I strongly suspect it is destroying its VPs by spamming those decisions because they're virtually no limiters on their use.

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