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Wars of Succession reveals its main art and opens for Beta!

Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:19 pm

Developers from Ageod are very proud to reveal today the main art for their new project, Wars of Succession!

The game will allow you to take the lead of different Great Powers during the turmoil of two greatest wars of the early XVIII° century. The War of Spanish Succession (1701-1713) pitting the French & Spanish Bourbons monarchs against the Grand Alliance built by Austrian Habsburg, Britain and the United Provinces, andthe Great Northern War (1700-1721), between Sweden and Russia (and her allies), most of which focused around the succession of Poland.


But the good news are not over!The game has reached the Beta stage, and we invite all the players to join it and help us for the final touches!

You can enlist signing here!

Get more information about the game from its official product page

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Re: Wars of Succession reveals its main art and opens for Beta!

Fri Nov 11, 2016 5:49 am

How come when i try to register for the beta the Matrix site won´t let me apply, asking me for the password, though i write in the right password it refuses to accept it.
Think it was a similar problem for me and other players with the title Thirty Years War.

Help required, war incoming! :dada:

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