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question about map modiifing

Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:41 pm

i have question, i modified files eaw regions and WW1 structures under includes directory (added some cities, factories..etc), but none of these changes are dispaying when i start new game.
any idea why ?

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Re: question about map modiifing

Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:13 am

Because includes serve only when you generate the scenario, not later.

To have your changes implemented (provided they are error free), you need to relaunch the scenario procedure. To do so:

1 - go to the scripts folder, take the script file of the scenario you want to change, copy-paste it there, rename it script.ini

2 - make sure your includes are in the includes folder, and that they have the same name as originally (i.e. don't rename those present, do your changes inside, then save..backup the old ones outside just in case)

3 - Run the game, strike F9 key immediately after the Ageod logo and wait the game to show up (if there are errors, you'll be warned and the scenario won't be generated)

4 - If the scenario is OK and appears, save it (save button click) and leave the game. It should be OK next time you run the game (again, backup the older version)


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Re: question about map modiifing

Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:59 pm

well, how posible errors are shown ?
i did what you writen, but have interesing problem, my modified map is directly jumping to western front 1914 scenario.
How to force generating for whole war ? when i in edit mode chose new scenario, it is showing old map.
i only modicied EAW_Regions and WW1_structures, nothing else, no units placement, numbers..etc (in different folders).

edit : Hmm, i did some more editing and checking, and when started edit mode, it didnt started any campaign, it was on main screen, but i noticed short time mesage showing sometging, and after it errors found 3.

where to find these errors ? where is file with these errors stored to sqash them ?

edit 2 - found some answers, to how to edit scen that i want (rereaded point 1), and found where to find error report, but looking here for errors is realy PITA, any hint how to find errors ? because looking line by line for all 92k + lines will surely kill me. :bonk: or i will look like this :papy:

trying to look for error at script didnt worked, it finded these text only at beging and end of report. :sherlock:

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