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Interallied Leader Relationships

Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:54 pm

Oh wow. I got so excited when I signed in and was again allowed to post a new thread. First time (and I try almost every day) since early September. Am I on some kind of once a month plan? :) I've been putting individual ideas and suggestions out just to see what readers and the game designers might think. Hoping for some interest and feedback. Should I have just listed them all in one post or this format acceptable?

Anyway to carry on as before here's another of my suggestions for an historical modification to TEAW game programming:

When different national armies are attacking the same target or province or when they are collocated in a province some Army and Corps leaders should have the possibility of a negative or positive command point or combat effect due to well known positive/negative relations/attitudes toward their allies. (There are many examples of senior Allied leaders known to be anti or pro American, Francophobe/Francophile, or Anglophobe/Anglophile as well as numerous Central Powers leaders known to be pro or anti-German/anti-Austrian/anti-Ottoman. Even within the Austro-Hungarian army there were those who were anti-Austrian or anti-Hungarian.) Some of this may already be addressed within game as far as the Austrian army where leaders of Polish, Croat, etc. and units of those ethnic groups are identified. Is there some effect when leaders do or do not match the ethnicity of the units they command?

Do I need to list examples? Many of these are so well known that it seems almost redundant to do so.

Thanks for reading.

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