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There is another Combat Related Decision (like poison gas) I would like to see in the game. That would be the exploding of mines such as those used at Messines, in the Vosges and elsewhere. Of course this would require selecting a province in which to deploy the mine(s) and the passing of perhaps several turns before it would be ready for detonation. It would also mean that mobile warfare at that location must have ended in order to provide the time necessary for a mine to be completed. The results of successfully employing/exploding a mine could be widely variable in added offensive effect, to include no effect in the case of a failed mine detonation. It would realistic to also require an engineer unit of the deploying side be in or adjacent to the province being attacked. Since the number of units on both sides capable of deploying such a mine was historically limited, engineer units with this Special Ability should have a special icon (‘Miner’) identifying their mining skill. Perhaps this option requires an additional very limited category of engineer unit incorporating this ability be made available for construction or possibly some newly created engineer units could randomly appear with this skill. Implementing such units also creates the possibility of counter mining when mine capable units face each other, potentially neutralizing a mining attempt. Another possibility could be a random event, i.e. ‘accidental detonation’. Any thoughts?

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