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Not receiving any War Supplies from anything

Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:16 am

I'm not receiving any War Supplies. I'm currently playing as Protestants in the Grand Campaign. When Denmark entered the war I stopped receiving supplies. I control a lot of supply production areas and I click on the "purchase war supplies" in the chancellery tab. After a turn passes, I notice that I haven't received any supplies, and no money was deducted from me as it should of been from having selected the supplies from the Chancellery. I also don't receive any supplies in during the July or January when supply increases are supposed to happen.

Please note that I have already seen another user post a similar problem. To turn the auto reinforcements off in the option menu. That was already off in my game but I adjusted it here and there, and the problem still persists. I also don't have any reinforcement chits or ones that I'm trying to purchase. These supply issues didn't were not present in the beginning of the game.

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