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Ending the 30 Years war

Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:51 pm

Let me start by saying that I love all AGEOD games. They are challenging and historical flavor like no other game. For the past few weeks I´ve playing the 30 years game and is fantastic. You really have to take a good look a how supplies work, army composition and key priorities. Now I am in stage of the game that I don`t see how the protestant can muster any form of real threat to my catholic armies. All phases have been crushed including the French army to the point that Tilly, who managed to survive the Swedish onslaught, has now captured Paris. Needless to say that all key French cities are now under imperial control as well as the rest of the map. I only see a sort of Swedish ragtag army that have been more of nuisance than anything else but I´ve already sent a few of my armies to crush them. My victory points are 10 times those of the protestant army. Having said all of these I wonder is there any specific action that I can take to end this war now? I don´t see how the protestant faction can do anything at all since I control all major and key cities. Their morale is down to 70 but has remained constant during these last few turns. I hope I don´t have to click all the way to 1648 but if that is case then I´ll do it.


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Re: Ending the 30 Years war

Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:20 am

Perhaps. Check the automatic victory condition, that is the NM when the opposing side surrenders.

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