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Alternative to Wallenstein's Assassination

Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:15 am

If there is a player who loves TYW as much as I do, but who actually knows how to mod, I have a suggestion for a mod which might add interest to the Wallenstein Assassination Event. Currently, the Protestant faction has no reason not to assassinate a very good opposition leader when presented with the card, but historically things were much more complicated.

As I am sure many players know, Wallenstein was courted by the Protestant side and was under suspicion by the HRE side. Nobody knows the true nature of his intentions nor of what might have happened if he had been treated differently by both side.
Consider if there should have been an option for Wallenstein to join the Protestant side or even more intriguingly, Wallenstein comes in at the head of the newly activated Saxon army. Maybe the mod could allow both the HRE and the Prods to have some options with regard to Wallenstein and their choices determine the event outcome.

Something like:
Protestant options:
1 – Bribe Wallenstein to join Protestant side. (x-amount of money Wallenstein appears with nearest army)
2 – Offer Wallenstein command of a Saxon army (If successful Wallenstein is place with a force of x-size in x-city with city alts.
3 – Assassinate Wallenstein (Current option)

HRE options:
1 – Offer Wallenstein unrivaled supreme command
2 – Offer Wallenstein a principality off map
3 – Remove Wallenstein from command

Of course these six options would need to be interactive on a table with each choice intersecting to opposite choice with various potential outcomes. As crazy as it might become, nothing could be more convoluted than the historical outcome

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Re: Alternative to Wallenstein's Assassination

Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:05 am

That would certainly make it more fun.
New to the game and have old played Swedish scenario -
he rarely does anything before being killed.

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