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another beginner question....

Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:15 pm

Anyone help. This might be as obvious as my last question.....

I may be getting confused between different games. I assemble a large force to attack Tilly, outnumbering him nicely in total. I drag each force over Tilly and get the targeting Tilly message. But then, when I search for a special action that would get the stacks to attack together I can't find it anywhere? Synchronized attacks or movement? It doesn't exist in TYW? I think I saw it in CW2, maybe? Is there no equivalent in TYW? If not, then how do I get them all to attack as a unified force? Can't do it by merging them without severe command penalties. If I leave them as is, though, I get 4 different, successive battles against Tilly, in each of which he outnumbers (and defeats) his opponents. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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Re: another beginner question....

Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:52 pm

My God, this forum is a bit odd in terms of its admin rules (as a newcomer, more used, for example, to the Matrix forum). It took around 3 hours between me posting this simple question and it appearing here!! What's all that about? Don't have that in Matrix or Slitherine. Means, anyway, that I've half-solved the issue, sort of, before the question even got posted. Lol.

But anyway, when this 'new' post appears, in 3 hours time, maybe someone could confrim what I've discovered so far:
1. There is no command to get coordinated (synchronised) assaults in TYW.
2. If I group all stacks in the same starting region, with identical stances, identical 'target' commands, then they seem very likely to all attack together, resulting in a big battle rather than lots of little ones.

Not sure what this means for surrounding and attacking a force - is that possible still via this method?

As an aside, Tilly seems remarkably able in the Danish scenario. Controlled by the AI he is winning battles against my Danes et al, against remarkable odds. That's good, I guess. Good, the Ai is - at this stage - a challenge.

As a further aside, can anyone say if the updates have cured the 'Swedish entry' issue (making it worth trying the campaign, eventualy)? And the 'massive log file' issue (though I haven't noticed that)?


UPDATE: What do you know - as soon as I complain about time to post this one appears immediately I hit post....Good! Thanks, whoever changed that.

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Re: another beginner question....

Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:32 pm

The delay in your first post may well be an anti-Spam measure. There seems to be less of that here than over at the Matrix forums. So welcome to the Forum and to the world of the Thirty Year's War.

1. There is no button or means that I know of to coordinate different forces entering an area from different start points so that they all attack together. Not at all unreasonable given the nature of 17th Century Continental armies.

2. This does seem to work as intended but I'm not sure if any combat advantages accrue from not uniting your forces under one command.

The game mostly plays unlike other AGEOD games but the attrition and use of small and smallish, scattered forces sometimes resembles certain campaigns in the AJE franchise. Supporting and reinforcing your armies is difficult since either money or war supply (or more often, both) are generally in short supply. Sieges without adequate firepower can be counter-productive, attrition and supply shortages can reduce the most powerful force to ruin and most leaders are a pretty colourless lot.

Not sure about the particulars of the Swedish scenario and my campaign has not yet proceeded that far in.

Good Luck, if you have not read it, suggest that you peruse this brilliant AAR:


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Re: another beginner question....

Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:51 pm

Many thanks, Random. I guess the delay might be worth it if there's less spam, though haven't noticed too much in the Matrix forum either. But anyway, I seem to be cleared now and my posts go straight through.

Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated. I'll check out the AAR.

The graphics are very nice in the game - much better than some others in the Ageod stable, I think.

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