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Noobie Q on protecting your cities

Sun May 21, 2017 5:39 pm

I am really enjoying this (well, except for how the saving games works) - but have a question on protecting my hard won cities. I have been working the Swedish intervention (multiple replays and restarts as I learn).
After a siege lasting several months, I finally took Lubeck. But as soon as I left it, Poppenheim comes racing up and takes it immediately. The rules mention garrisons - but he just walked in. How do you stop this?
Do you have to leave a garrison?
Am I supposed to make fortifications?
Do I have to convert enough to make a Garrison show up?

On the subject of sieges, is there a way to do an assault without a breach?


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Re: Noobie Q on protecting your cities

Sun May 21, 2017 6:03 pm

Just some guessing but there are probably a couple of things to unpack here.

First, you need to ensure that you are now receiving victory points for the captured city and these require at least 51% loyalty. Check the Strategic Atlas for the relevant city and do not even consider not leaving a garrison unless it's producing VP for your side. I do not recall seeing auto-garrisons ever triggering in cities that do have majority loyalty to my faction. So leave a garrison and play Conversion RGD until you have built sufficient loyalty.

Second, Pappenhiem can walk right in because your siege destroyed the defenses and these take time to rebuild. I know of no way to hasten the process but others might chime in with better data.

Third, you need to create sufficient breeches to nullify the defenses before launching an assault and this can only be accomplished through sieges assisted by certain RGD.


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Re: Noobie Q on protecting your cities

Sun May 21, 2017 8:48 pm


I don't have the absolute truth about this (or anything else ;)), but i think the garrison thing works more or less like this:

When the enemy enters a region witha a walled city the game makes a roll for each level of the city fortress. Each suscessfull roll will generate a garrison unit inside the fortress.
For my experience, i think this roll is modified somehow by the loyalty of the region, so a catholic region will generate garrisons against protestant invaders in a more dependable way than a region with high protestant loyalty.

If no roll is suscessfull, the city will generate no garrison and "open the gates" to the invasor, who will get control of it inmediately.

So, cities with high loyalty to your side and/or high level fortress are usually able to generate some garrison and force the enemy to siege. But you can never be sure.
If you want to keep a walled town the surest way is to put one of your units inside as a garrison. This way, even if all the rolls fail, taht unit will defend the city and it will not open the gates and you will force the enemy to siege the city.
I usually use weak units for this, like light infantry, one element cavalry etc, as they will avoid the "open gates" as good as any other stronger units.


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Re: Noobie Q on protecting your cities

Sun May 21, 2017 9:42 pm

I think the base chance is 50% per city level; more city level more probability to form multiple garrison. Autogarrison only formed by predetermined faction for grand regions in the scenario, loyalty is not important I think.

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