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a zillion noob questions

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 7:30 am
by korvessa
I am a fairly old wargamer but new to Ageod system. I have done the tutorials and read the manuals and numerous posts. I have a fairly good idea of the mechanics, but no clue on the strategy. I have trying the Swedish scenario - numerous times but have made no progress, so could use some hints on what to do to start.
The manual says to recruit a lot from Sweden - but I never have any cash.
What is the key to making the sieges work - without wasting my army?
The scenario starts in Oct - should I wait out the winter before I do anything?
What should the Swedes do the first few turns?

I've tried many different things - but none of them work very well.

Re: a zillion noob questions

Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 12:01 am
by Durk
Welcome to the forum.

You have chosen to start with one of Ageod's most challenging games. In one sense this game is deceptive about the challenges because unit density is so low, but the complexity of good play is elusive.

Are you building forces with units integrated into a commander? And are you getting your stacks so they have no command penalty? If so, then you are ready to face the deeper challenges.

It is a good idea to have a plan focused toward the capture of objective cities. But a key to doing this is keeping your army supplied. Cities only provide supply up to the number in the city. This supply is based upon the components in a unit. So if a unit has four elements, it needs four supply points to maintain supply. Look at the total number of elements and the total supply values. Your first battle is keeping your armies fed.

You can expand supply in two primary ways:
Being in cities adjacent to other cities. In this game you draw supply from the city you are in and any adjacent regions, but no further.
Build deports. Because of shortage of money, you must be very judicious in where you place depots. Often inside cities is a good placement as they build the intrinsic supply value of the city, but it is still cheap to defend.

Once you master supply you are ready to take on enemy forts and cities. In summer is best, but if you must sieges can be done in winter; however, you need to think of what your supply wagons are doing for you. If you are the attacker in a siege you cannot draw supply from surrounding regions so you must have a chain of wagons going back and forth from cities you own where they replenish to your army.

Are you using the requisition and contributions cards? These are the primary source on income in this scenario. In longer scenarios you gain taxes and can ask your sponsors for donations as well has using diplomatic overtures to bring other states to support your side.

Yes, wait a few turns unless you see a city with a level one fort you can take without a breach. In the spring, campaign in earnest. EP are another kind of cash as they pay for all these initiatives including trying for a breech.

You can probably reply and say you have figured all this out which you mastery of the mechanics implies, in which case, some other ideas will be coming for you.

Re: a zillion noob questions

Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 10:45 am
by arsan
For sieges is important to have artillery to make breaches. An army with 4 or 5 arty units will make a breach nearly every turn against a standard garrison.
Heavy arty is specially useful as it have a special ability that helps on sieges. One per stack is enough.

Regarding winter, you should not campaign on winter months. Snow causes a lot of attrition and supply will be very scarce.
It's more common to wreak an army doing this that by combat!
On September you should be thinking about where to send your armies to pass winter on a friendly city with enough supply. This usually means dividing your forces.
On spring or early summer you should gather your forces and start fighting again.

On this game you also need a breach to assault cities with level one walls.
If you have no arty and can't make breaches you can just besiege and wait for the defenders to starve. But this take time... 4, or 5 turns or more if they have supply wagons.


Re: a zillion noob questions

Posted: Fri May 12, 2017 12:02 am
by korvessa
Thanks for the replies
I had tried several combinations of things and stacks trying to get Kolberg without dying too much.
I am interested in the supply line comment. Are you supposed to leave wagons behind in each region leading back to a friendly city? I'll have to try that.
I also learned the reason I have money problems is I have left the automatic replacement feature on. Perhaps that isn't the best way.
I am assuming the siege of Kolberg is an early priority. It doesn't seem like Hastfehr is strong enough on his own. I have tried sending GIIA over with some of the weaker units. That works, but he ends up far away in the spring.

Does king Gus just need to chill until winter is over?

Re: a zillion noob questions

Posted: Fri May 12, 2017 8:43 am
by arsan
Can't give you advice on that scenario as I haven't played it. I have played only the full campaign.

Regarding supply: there is no supply line on this game. You only collect the supply on the region you stand and, if the stack has at least a wagon, the supply available on the surrounding regions.
But to get supply you have to control the region (+50% military control) so is a good idea to send some cavalry on offensive to get military control of surrounding regions to get that supply.

If needed, send your empty wagons back to a friendly supply base, let them there for a turn to get full of supply and send them back to your force again to resupply it.
On big forces you will need 2 or 3 wagons to send back and forth this way to keep it supplied during a long siege, unless the surrounding regions are very rich and not pillaged.


Re: a zillion noob questions

Posted: Fri May 12, 2017 11:30 pm
by korvessa
Thank you very much, very helpful.