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Ageod's Thirty Years War is released on Steam!

Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:19 pm

Thirty Years’ War, probably one of the most accurate wargames depicting the dark period of the wars of religion that spread out across all Europe for the first half of the XVII century, is finally available on Steam!

Fight with the Catholics or the Protestants in over three decades of merciless war for the control of the Holy Roman Empire, but build your alliances carefully: who is your friend today could be your worst enemy in the future!

With all the major nations playable, 5 historical scenarios and with over 160 different types of units at your disposal, Thirty Years’ War recreates the complexity of this period, from the first logistic systems to the intricacy of the diplomatic relations between the powers involved!

The level of detail is simply stunning!

Grab this jewel on Steam here!


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Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:40 pm

A major determinant in whether Steam members who happen to wander onto the Thirty Years War page actually buy the game or not is the presence of positive reviews. These are especially important to drown out the few internet trolls who will inevitably write reviews before they claim their refunds.

I've been focusing on other things for the past few months, so I don't feel I remember the game well enough to write a review until I've played the game enough to refresh my memory.

But for anyone who wants to write one, the review doesn't have to be that long and ninety percent of the people who read them don't look at more than three sentences (that's usually all they can see if they don't click on the 'read more' button).

So what people care about in those first three sentences is that you think the game is good (not that the reader thinks your opinion counts for anything), it's turn-based and not RTS, the AI is good (this is important to mention), the map is accurate and fun to look at, and the game is fun to play.

And all of that probably won't fit in the first four lines, so by the time you're done saying that, the review will be finished. Just make sure that good AI and turn-based are in the first or second line.

If you decide that you want to mention that the game is historical rather than fantasy based, you might leave that for the fifth or sixth line because a lot of people (e.g. most of those who buy Europa Universalis) seem to have a phobia about playing anything based on real history (perhaps something like 'an exciting way to explore alternate history' would do the trick).

There' a mind-numbingly large number of buyers on Steam, and though most of them won't even look twice at a game like this, if you can attract a few of them it will channel enough money into this game that DLC expansions (like the tail end of the eighty years war or the territorial and dynastic disputes between Poland and Sweden) will start to make economic sense. TYW has a great map, and I want to see more of it get used during this period. ECW anyone ? If you want to see it happen, get your Steam key and write a review.

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Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:03 am

Hi, I am new here, and kind of new to AGEOD, my first game was TEAW, got it because of some good steam reviews.

I got TYW recently and I am loving it, that I decide to get all AGEOD games during the summer sale, and to be honest I felt sad cause I did not discover such amazing crafted strategy games until very recent.
And to thank AGEOD team I want to write a good review on TYW , and I think Philippe points are spot on and I will take them into consideration.

It shame that AGEOD games are not noticeable in the strategy universe, until now there only 5 review for TYW?
I see a lot of fans on this forums, I hope everyone participate in the steam review.

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Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:17 am

Hi Raied and welcome to the forum. I actually never think about writing reviews or even comments in other forums as my primary play is of AGEOD games. I am glad you highlighted Philippe's comment as I missed it when it was posted. I love TYW because of its small unit focus, really complex play and historical siting. (I know Philippe, this almost disqualifies me as a Steam reviewer.) I will attend to review writing as I understand what you are both saying.

Raied, I am glad you found the AGEOD universe. For me, the learning on my first game was a bit steep, but once I got the basic ideas of the system I found these games truly allow for a study of history as well as great play. I am still entranced with WIA/BOA2, but find all the games delightful.

Philippe, I know almost nothing about AGEOD AI as when I am not in pbem I play versus myself. If I omit mention of AI is that a nail in the coffin?

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Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:39 am

Hey Durk, thanks for the warm welcome.
Since I am still beginner with AGEOD games (I almost understood all the mechanics) I find the AI good enough at least in the TYW comparing with many other similar strategy titles, I know I will ultimately find the AI too easy, and therefore I have to jump into PBEM universe, which I will do once I become really good.

A lot of people will like to see a review about the AI, even as simple as (AI is decent) since most will not play versus human during the initial phase.
As I recall, most of paradox fans got resentful of the AI on their latest games, since the AI is not doing the basic historic/ rational moves or decision, therefore mentioning AI is doing its basic job is important for a lot of new players who will be introduced to the game.

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