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WON Public Beta patch October 26th

Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:32 am

Dear players,

Here is the new public beta patch for 1.03:

All inclusive and save compatible.

Baring a major problem, this patch will be used as the official patch (but redone by Matrix QA)

October 26th changelog
Fixes for historical options
Textures will never (and should not) be initialized at game start
A few minor fixes in events as reported since August (details escape me, sorry, ask PhilThib if necessary)

August 8th changelog
Expeditionary force bug fixed!

* DB Improvement

- Improved French Suisse recruitments (now possiblei n Genève)
- Improved French Dalmatian units upgrade. More generally, the units of Foreing Troops recruited by France are either line or vets (because the DB otherwise does not allow upgrades).
- Fixed location of Tournai and Courtrai

* Text Strings
- Fixed some typos (e.g. King's Schilling event)
- Added Spanish translation (thanks to modders)

* Scenarios

- In January Campaign, the Fleets of Nelson and Collingwood have been split, and Nelson is now accurately off Toulon

* Events
- Fixed events for Austrian invaded (wronged message display removed)

* Various
- Spanish manual (thanks to modders) (will be included in the official patch directly): ...

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Re: WON Public Beta patch October 26th

Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:57 am

Hi I had a look at the Russians and they didn't seem updated for the database I sent you. Will that be in the next patch?

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