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Card Playing and loyalty

Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:57 pm

I am not sure if this has been addressed in the new beta patch, but I have a question concerning the RGD (?) cards. Whenever I play a card e.g. Seize Horses or Requisitions, the loyalty drops by 20% (per card); this functions correctly. When I play loyalty improvement cards, e.g. build defensive works, develop territory, the added loyalty does not increase at the card's base value. Theoretically, if defensive works adds 10% loyalty, then 4 plays should completely counter the horses and requisitions. This is not the case, it takes somewhere in the area of 8 - 12 build defensive works and 4 develop territory cards to counter the 40% Rebels. Bear in mind, there are troops stationed in the region as well (in order to build defensive works). Overall, I have found that requisitions, draft, seize horses, or any card that costs loyalty of owned regions is a useless play, as you will e stuck countering the rebels for the next year. Instead of the few months that the loyalty + cards suggest.

Admittedly, there can be background effects that I am unaware exist in the calculations; however, I have noted there are no playing this card counters X card" options. That suggests that it is not enemy action causing increased rebels. Can someone clarify this for me, or have the devs take a look at this issue.

Overall, I enjoy the game, and would like to see it improved.

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Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:26 am

part of the reason is the maths involved.

lets say you start with 80% loyalty and play the horse card. You lose 20% ie the 80% loyalty dips to 64%. You now play a loyalty raising card, and lets say add on 10%. But your loyalty is now 64% so the loyalty goes up from 64% to 70%.

You are not dropping or raising loyalty by percentage points - in which case the base number is unimportant but by % of the base number.

If you did the sequence the other way around, ie raise loyalty first - we first gain 10% of the opening 80% (ie it comes to 88%) and then we lose 20% of that 88% (ie it dips to 68-69%). So the order in which you play the cards can have a substantial impact.
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Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:56 pm

I thought that some of the math involved might work that way. And thank you for the clarification Loki. However, it appears that when a card says -20%, it takes a full 20% off of the 100, rather than the current loyalty. I.e. if your loyalty is 60%, it becomes 40 with a -20% rather than only losing 12% for 48. I will double check this sometime today and verify, but in effect, it appears negative cards apply vs. the full 100 while beneficial cards work proportionally.

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