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Cannot increase texture size more than 2 even with setting general.opt

Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:25 am

I set Texture size to 3 (very large) in General.opt
but when start a game I check in option screen and it return to 2
and that make region 4625 appear as orange block.
(Setting it to 2 or below and it's work correctly.)

I try the same general.opt change in TAEW and the texture option ingame show very large
as i set in the file, and show most land and sea properly.

I think the problem is the game lock the texture size setting somewhere
that even modifying the file general.opt cannot change it.

Oh and after I close the game and reopening general.opt
the texture size setting in the file is still 3.

So how to increase texture size to 3 in this game?

(Add information for the same problem about province 4625 (Algeria adjacent to east indies))

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