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Game Crashing on Loading Screen - resolved

Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:59 pm

Hi guys, just thought I would share what helped me resolve a crash on loading screen that was driving me insane today.
Apparently this game (as well as Civil War 2) for some reason crashes if the option to Initialize Textures is on. However, without being able to load the game it is impossible to change this setting. I spent this afternoon looking online for this solution and this seems to work:

Right click on War of Napoleon (in Steam Library) -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files

Go to NGC Folder -> Settings -> General (Open with Notepad)

4. *** System, Editing & debug options ***
TexAtStart = 0

(you need to change the TextAtStart value to 0)

I am no PC wizard and I simply cobbled together what I found online (don't want to take any merit for it but simply wanted to help those who may be turned off from an amazing game!)

hope this helps!

On a side note - this seems to be a common issue that like I said I encountered on CW2 as well - I wonder why don't Ageod has a sticky with such a simple solution for the Initializing Textures bug? Dont want to sound critical to their amazing work but I can only imagine how new players could be put off such an amazing game (I was lucky as I remember somthing similar for CW2 but it wasnt very easy to find a solution)

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