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end game AI update January 1815

Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:37 pm

I'm about to restart with new patch, but thought i would share my observations on the AI at the end of game - Im playing french at max ai settings. I self limit my moves - meaning i dont try to beat the game - by making gaming plans.

1. so i followed mostly the french plan except i didnt invade russia, and i did invade ireland.

so what happened at the end?
1. i was able to land and capture ireland with some difficulty (thanks developers for adding 2 irish units!), but when i went for scotland - i got wiped out. so the ai did a good job.
2. spain - i thought the ai did great in spain. the brits and spainish units kept me busy and eventually drove me back to the border. they went no further.
3. Napoleon - was killed in a battle against wellington 1812 in lisbon.
4. One problem the austrians, prussians russians did not attack me - finally in mid 1814 i had to dow them to get them to move. they finally attacked - advancing thru switzerland and accross the rhine eventually by january 1815 besieging paris. so after the dow situation i thought the ai did a good job in advancing.
however - one observation - somehow it was all austria advancing. russian units lagged and no prussians. further examination showed that the austrians had been at war with prussia for some time and had actually captured berlin. of course this could have been triggered by lots of events so i dont know if its a problem. the other thing is that i was with some effort able to have a more effective naval success than historical. dont see that as a flaw i had to work it hard.

so i give the ai a good grade for a complicated game. im going to restart with new official patch (i always just layered every patch onto the long game i am playing. so it will be a long long time before i recreate the end game. how about an alternative starting point like just before russia invasion giving us the option of not doing it?
ive had a great time playing - crashes are infrequent and livable and ive enjoyed the movement and army building features.

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Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:46 pm

Thanks for this report, coach. I appreciate the perspective of someone who has played all the way through (I just began 1808 with France, myself). And I appreciate your fair analysis. I agree that the AI is getting better, but there are still flaws, obviously. If you're a big Napoleonic fan like me, though, you just have to love this game. Thanks again for taking the time!


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Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:35 am

That's encouraging. A key point is that if you want to fight with your 100 billions neurons against an artificial opponent is that you must give it an advantage by tweaking the settings. Perhaps in 10 years that will be us who will play on 'easy level' our strategy games because the self learning AI will outsmart us, but in the meantime ... ;)

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