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Central Powers and Kronprinz War Plan GHQ Issue

Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:21 pm

I have run into a problem in a PBEM as CP using the latest version, which is 1.04 (Beta Patch 1.02 April 2016). For the first time, we tried the Kronprinz Plan, which is the German attack through Switzerland. This plan places the Kronzprinz, Rupprecht Von Bayern, Seniority 94, as starting head of the western GHQ, OHL, instead of Von Moltke, Seniority 52.

The problem arises when Hindenburg, Seniority 61, appears in the East. Normally, Hindenburg can assume GHQ of Ober Ost with no problem, since he outranks everyone except Von Moltke. However, since choosing the Kronprinz Warplan automatically makes Von Bayern GHQ in the West, when you promote Hindenburg, you get a message you have lost 3 NM for angering Moltke.

Obviously there are work-arounds, such as elevating Moltke instead of Hindenberg. However this seems a dreadful outcome for the CP and very likely an unanticipated consequence of the design of the Swiss invasion warplan. Given this oversight, I am also not sure the game takes into account that Moltke gets automatically replaced later through an event by Von Falkenhayn. Does this instead happen to Von Bayern? What would happen if Moltke was elevated over Hindenberg only to disappear later? Von Falkenhayn, Seniority 60, using this warplan starts in the Generals pool. The automatic event in vanilla game puts Falkenhayn in place of Moltke, preventing any issue with Hindenburg, whom he outranks. But using the option, there is a swirl of uncertainly that dissuades the CP player from recruiting new generals - what if you get Falkenhayn? How would the game react to him already being in play?

The result is that the CP is left with the no-win choice of either taking a -3 NM hit for elevating Hinderberg or the unappetizing option of not knowing what will happen when the minuet of Moltke, Falkenhayn and Bayern starts through (the possibly unavoidable, haven't played that far) Moltke replacement event.

There is a fairly easy fix. Choice of the Kronprinz Warplan should also: a) reduce the seniority of Moltke so he does not conflict with Hindenberg; b) eliminate the Moltke for Falkenhayn replacement event (assuming it is in there) since Moltke isn't a GHQ anymore or; c) make sure the Falkenhayn replacement event applies to Von Bayern, Moltke's replacement, not Moltke (a raw deal for the CP since Von Bayern is much better than Moltke, but at least you know what's coming).

Anyway, someone needs to check into this. Thanks.

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Re: Central Powers and Kronprinz War Plan GHQ Issue

Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:18 pm

I have taken note of this, though I don't necessarily consider it a bug. The alternate warplans are meant to have negative side-effects. But I can see your point that this is already a tough plan and doesn't need the additional penalty.

Easy fix would be to remove Moltke completely in this warplan event.

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Re: Central Powers and Kronprinz War Plan GHQ Issue

Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:27 am

why others warplans are designed to have negative side effects ?
to promote historical setup, or simply because they were that, worse plans in reality ?

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