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Suggestions for Holland region

Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:01 pm

Dear EAW developers,

I have some suggestions regarding city names located in Holland. I live in Holland near Amsterdam :neener:

The following names should be changed (to the actual dutch variants, because I noticed for example the German cities are spelled the german way):
- Texel => Den Helder (Texel is basically an island in the Waddenzee. This island isn't visible so it doesnt make sense to call this region Texel. Moreover, in Den Helder is a big marine base of the Dutch army so you should consider a port in this region)
- Amsterdam is good. However I live near the so called Hollandse Waterlinie (a military fort structure, like the maginot line but a lot smaller) which is actually located near Amsterdam. Therefore I think it's a good suggestion to change Amsterdam into a fortified city.
- Rotterdam and The Hague should be switched. Rotterdam is located south of The Hague :) . Also in dutch The Hague is spelled Den Haag.
- The capital of the province of Zeeland is Middelburg it's not Terneuzen
- I think it's better to change Sittard into Eindhoven. Eindhoven is a real big city, compared to Sittard. Eindhoven has also a huge industrial capacity (in Eindhoven the Philips factories were established) so maybe you should upgrade this city into an industrial one.
- Maastricht, and the province of Limburg in general is well known for it's coal mines. Maybe adding a coal mine here like Dusseldorf is wise
- Arnheim => Arnhem :bonk:
- Wolle = Zwolle
- Hengeh => Hengelo or Enschede. Enschede is far more bigger than Hengelo
- The capital of the province of Twente is Assen not Koevorden
- Emmeloord is way out of it's actual location. Hoogeveen is a better name suited to it's location

And last but not least: the name Holland is only applied to 2 dutch provinces Zuid Holland and Noord Holland so I think it's better to change Holland into the Netherlands :wacko:

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Re: Suggestions for Holland region

Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:43 pm

den helder naval base - well, mayby it is nice sized naval bse today, but it was big base back then too ? after all, hink kong in 1897 and 1997 are totaly different cities/places.
amsterdam fortification - well, are you sure it is big enough complex to justify it ? even lvl1 ? mayby adding lesser fortification (redoubt?) will do the trick, or maby just fortified line. and keep in minds some orts are hre added for historic reason - like one at galipoli - where none actualy existed, but it is there for historic difficulties. while other can be removed since they didnt played any significiant role at battle for region.

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