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Comand Questions

Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:14 pm

The game manual says that any unit not in the command chain, e.g., a division or corps not stacked with its army, is out of command and suffers huge penalties (loss of half of its command points). However, nowhere does the manual say how you know that a particular unit or stack is out of command in this way. I think the command indication (e.g., 12/15) in the Information Box turns red when the unit is out of command. I am guessing. But in playing the game, it is hard to find any stack with a leader, no matter how far away from its army, that is out of command. I am afraid I am suffering huge combat penalties without even knowing about it.

Can anyone provide clarification? Maybe the distant stack only needs to be within the command range of the GHQ, but the manual does not say that, and it does not always work that way anyway.

Another question. What is that flashing gold star with a number it in during combat? It is usually outside of the combat circle, on the bottom left or right. The manual does not mention it. A mystery.

Generally the manual and tutorials leave a lot of detail out, making you guess.

Thanks if anyone can help me.

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Re: Comand Questions

Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:27 am

When you first click on a stack you will see a number if the unit is out of command like 25% or 10%, this tells you you have a command penalty.
You will come to know this, but is a bit different than you suggest.

See if this makes sense.

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