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The Moltke Plan

Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:42 am

New intricacies emerge almost month by month. Playing Germany and having been denied Hindenburg as GHQ Ost at the cost of 1900 odd VP, I've now (late December 1914) lost Moltke to compulsory retirement. I've made only one GHQ appointment (Rupprecht as GHQ West) and only two elevations from two star to three star rank, the Central Powers are doing pretty damn well for themselves, and I've made made no appointments to army command - so what gives? Are there conditions that I need to meet to retain Moltke or is his departure indelibly scripted?

As it is Germany has no OHL and no available appointee, and no GHQ Ost with, again, no available appointee. Nicht verstehen.

If the retirement of Moltke is scripted, as it appears to be, I'd be interested to see the argument for this. Historically he was removed because of his failures in implementing the modified Schlieffen Plan in the West - most notably in his dispatch of two corps to shore up his eastern defences. But if under this variant he's actually implementing his own plan in the East - and it's succeeding - what would merit his compulsory retirement?

I do in fact have an OHL, he just wasn't visible. Falkenhayn arrived in that role with Moltke's removal but the Moltke counter remained on the map and only converted to Falkenhayn with a restart.

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