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Counter-Intel RGD

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:06 am
by Cardinal Ape
I don't think the Counter-Intel RGD is capable of doing what it is intended to do. It can't actually be used to counter most intel RGD's.

The main reason it cannot be used to counter is because the card requires an active intel RGD in play as a target. All but the demonstration decisions are finished in one turn. The spies and disinformation RGDs finish before they can be countered; they are not in play long enough to be valid targets for the counter-intel RGD.

Maybe removing the line 'NeedThisAttribOther = #CounteredByIntel#' from the RGD would fix it?

Also, in somewhat the same vein, the Cavalry Screen RGD cannot be countered when played in enemy territory since the Deep Recon card cannot be played in friendly regions.