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Constant Crashes - bug files provided

Sat May 07, 2016 2:14 am

Hello all,

I have a problem in that my Civil war 2 game crashes every couple of turns. I thought it was due to the save access because before it crashes, it wont save the game. I tried deleteing the user.in and moving the entire game to a folder outside of Program folders, but still it keeps happening. I'm playing as the CSA and every time I get to the point where I'm going to end the turn, I save the game. When I check the folder that the saves go to, sometimes it updates and saves it, sometime it does not save it (even though the game says it does). I noticed every time it does not save, I get a crash at the end of the processing turn. Which means it gets to the very end of the processing and about to open up the next turn and it crashes. So I noticed that if I save the my CSA .ord file before I complete the turn, and back it up in another directory, I can put it back into the directory after I restart the game, and it will work. However when it crashes it deletes the .ords files, hence why I save it to a different directory. I noticed that when I do restart the game after a crash, it wont crash again for 3 turns, and replacing the .ord file back into the save file fixes it for that turn, only for it to do it again 3 turn later. I am now constantly saving the .ord file before I end turns because i don't like having to go back and re-send orders to every unit I moved and everything I purchased. It would be nice If I could figure out how to fix it but I have no idea so I am including the files in the post.

System : Windows 10 home
Processor : I7 4770k
Ram : 32 Gig DDR3 2100
3 hard drives, 2 are SSD's.
Civil War 2: Bloody road south verion 1.06. (latest versaion as of 2016)

Logs and 1861 April Campaign`CSA are .zip files that are included directly to this post via attachments, the latter is the orders that I saved before I crashed.
Here is the save game and the scripts directory at dropbox:
Hers is all four files, save game, logs, scripts, and the orders i used before the crash for the CSA (1861 April Campaign`CSA.zip) at mediafire
1861 April Campaign~CSA.zip
(65.35 KiB) Downloaded 53 times
(328.55 KiB) Downloaded 49 times

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