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Steam and Auth in Windows

Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:45 am

Hello everyone,

I had some quick questions:

1 : Does steam have anything to do with the game? ie. Does running the game through steam have any effects on the game. I ask this because with some games if you don't run them through steam they have AI problems.

2: Based on question 1, does running the game as Admin ( right click cwII.exe and go to run as admin) Fix the problems with auth crash errors that I have been getting since I got the game 3 days ago.

I understand that I could post the crash log on the save file but reading through these threads it seems the biggest problem is crashes due to UAC and Windows, I even seen a reply in the pinned thread that says you need to take total control because windows is preventing the program from writing to a file. Some say to delete the .ini file that point to the user path in the user/documents folder, in order to make the game use it's own directory instead of the UAC protected documents. I was just thinking if running as Admin fixes this then there is no need to delete anything and I can just set it to run in Admin everytime.

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