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Faction modifier question

Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:08 pm

I haven't given up on 7-day turns for CW2, but I have hit several snags that keep me from going further until I resolve them. One thing is loyalty. In my tests of 7-day turns, loyalty changes potentially at a much faster rate because the number of checks is doubled. Regions captured by the Union having 40% loyalty after occupation for a time under 15-day turns, will have close to 100% loyalty under 7-day turns.

Since changing the police values of individual elements is time-consuming and ultimately ineffective (many elements are already at the lowest police values), I saw a possibility of using a faction modifier to apply changes to the faction as a whole. This, I believe, is the relevant setting that would be applied to individual factions (from the Aliases directory, 'FacMods Variables.ini'.

$fmdAbsPoliceMod = 22 // Absolute modifier (in pt) to Police value

If I understand this, the value from $fmdAbsPoliceMod would be applied as a point (*not* percentage) value to each loyalty roll involving the police value for the relevant faction. Example below.

Union has $fmdAbsPoliceMod = 10
Circumstances on this turn require a loyalty check in region X.
Union has a total police value in region X of 43.
10 + 43 = 53.
Loyalty roll is checked against 53.

Am I understanding correctly how this works in game?


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Fri Sep 02, 2016 3:43 pm

Please do a seven days mod - cannot help you with the modifiers though - just some encouragement ;-D

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