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Changing 20lbers to MedArty for replacements

Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:14 pm

Anyone know if this is possible? I've tried to edit the model and unit files to do this (just for CSA since it's only an issue for me with them).

What I did was change family for the Columbiad to famMedArt and same for the 20lb parrot. I *THINK* I had atleast some success, because I had 0 chits for heavy artillery and some for field artillery and it replaced some hits for one of my Columbiads. However in the April full campaign Jackson's group starts with a cpl parrot's and those two never went to full strength, and I'm pretty sure I remember they used to auto-fill to full strength and I think I remember having to buy heavy artillery chits to help them.

It's really a pain to test since artillery don't get hit much, so I might just give up on this, but seems to me like it will be possible to do.

The goal is to separate the 20lbers from the coastal guns, so I don't waste replacements on those coastal guns, and I'm fine with cheating a bit to do that.

Note: I deleted the units cache and models cache files and started a new game.

Alright I deleted the game via steam and reinstalled it to begin fresh (I was certain I had got the files back to their originals but Johnston's force not going to full health automatically as Beuragart's (however you spell it) does bothered me and I couldn't remember if it was like that before I made changes (And indeed it appears Johnston's force at Strasburg won't go full health w/o buying replacements).

Looking more at the files, I noticed some odd discrepency:
In units:
86CSAArtillery 20lb p.(VA).uni
UID = 86
NationTag = CSA
Name = Artillery 20lb p. (VA)
Alias = uni_CSA_Art4VA
ForcePool = 8
ShortName = Art. 20lb p. (VA)
Text = $uni_txt_CSA_Art20lbP(VA)
Color = $colCSARegular
ModelType0 = $mdl_CMN_Art4|1
FamilyType0 = $famMedArty|1

In models:
20CMN20 lb Parrot.mdl
UID = 20
NationTag = CMN
Name = 20 lb Parrott
Alias = mdl_CMN_Art4
ShortName = 20 lb Parrott
Text = $mdl_txt_CMN_Art4
Family = $famHvyArty

Is this intended, or this a bug? Is 20lb Parrot supposed to be a med art or a heavy art?

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Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:07 pm

I guess I'll just give up on this, I've deleted the cache files (unit and models) and they're re-created so I know I'm editing in the right folders. Start a new game after each change too, but nothing I do changes anything. My gut tells me that artillery is hard coded somewhere in the game and that it may not go by family at all to determine what heavy artillery is. Maybe it goes by some other parameter(s) to decide, more experimentation is needed to find out.

Logically to me, it makes sense for it to go by family type, and surely It could if it was coded that way, just doesn't seem to be.

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Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:34 pm

Ok I got it. I'm an idiot. My problem was that I was creating backup copies of the model files IN the models folder and the game was choosing them to use.
So you can have a file named like:
22CMNColumbiad-MYCOOLCHANGES.mdl and it will still find it, lol, just make sure it's the only one in there with the key prefix "22CMNColumbiad".

So looks like now I get to use field artillery replacement chits for Parrot/Columbiads :w00t:

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