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7-day turns?

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:29 pm
by johandenver2
Is it possible to run the game with 7-day turns instead of 15?
I've tried changing things in the script files and in the scenario file but it does not seem to make any difference.

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 6:54 am
by johandenver2
Never mind, I think I edited the wrong scenario :-)

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:34 pm
by Jerzul
John - Let me know how that works for you. It might be interesting to do 7-day turns.

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:18 am
by Teatime
Grimjaw was trying to get a 7 day turn (or more accurately a 4 turn month) into his mod .. not sure how he was doing it .. I know he was having trouble getting resource generation and usage balanced

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:43 pm
by grimjaw
Switching the game to 48 turns/year is easy, that's just a single value to change. Getting the rest of the game to fall into line with the switch is the issue.

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:10 pm
by Teatime
This link will give you idea of what needs to change

Don't think the EP line is relevant for CW2 .. been looking around myself and don't think I know where to find all the parameters mentioned :(

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:40 am
by johandenver2
Thanks for all replies, I've managed to edit the scenario but the big problem is, like grimjaw among others said, supply and resources.

I'll try and copy the april scenario, edit it to run with 4 turns per month and then run the game with the "easy supply" rule to see how that works.

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:26 am
by Teatime
I am now wondering how the game would go if you doubled the resource costs to build and the supply costs to support units rather than try to halve the amount produced by cities etc.

I think, with all the odd numbered values and only integers being allowed, that it would be impossible to get a game with the same balance that exists now.

One issue I can see is replacements but I think you can double the costs of those but I haven't looked too far into that yet.

Another issue could be the transport network supporting those extra supply and ammo points.

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:58 pm
by grimjaw
The challenge is not limited to resource production/consumption. National morale, loyalty, foreign intervention and unit movement, to name the ones I can recall, can all be adversely affected by a change in the turn rate. It's one of the reasons I gave up doing a mod that included all the other changes I wanted *plus* the turn rate.

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 7:00 pm
by johandenver2
Since I'd like my mod to work as well as possible with 7 day turns I've begun some testing.

- War supplies
I've been able to lower the production of war supplies to correct amounts by editing structure files.

- Money
After editing structures the amount of money is lower than before but still too high.
Are there any other places to edit money production besides structures?

- Conscripts
I still get too many conscript companies even after editing structure files.

- Victory points
As I understand you get victory points for occupying strategic areas. Is there a way to change the amount?

- Foreign interventation
This seems to rise faster with 7 days turns.
I have no idea about where to edit this, if it's even possible.

I haven't seen any big differances regarding national morale.
Of course, I haven't tested that much yet so this might also be affected.

When it comes to supply and its distribution I don't really have a clue yet. I'd greatly appriciate any insight here :-)

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:32 pm
by johandenver2
Also, am I correct in assuming that all units have a VP value that gets added to the combined VP every turn?

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 2:18 am
by Teatime
A few points that may or may not help .....

VP Values - In the models files there is a VP Value and a Political Value assigned to each element, I don't how these are actually used by the game. These are typically in the CMN models.

VPValue =
POLValue =

I don't know if these are used when an element is destroyed or a per turn value added. A search on the Wiki found nothing.

Assets - Supply, War Supplies, Money

I think the key with all the assets is getting an appropriate balance between production and consumption

In other words if you seem to be getting too much money and conscripts produced then perhaps increasing consumption (cost and maintenance of elements) will readdress the balance.
You don't need to generate exactly half the numbers produced each turn of a 24 turn a year game as long as you get the balance right
I also don't know if the way the game manages 4 turns a month actually impacts production ... In a 31 day month the game actually has turns of 7 + 7 + 7 + 10 days

Foreign Intervention
There are events associated with foreign intervention which should be manageable by adjusting and frequency
- One off = blockade, embargo and The Trent Affair
- Recurring = territory concessions and trade concessions

However there is a component built into NM and VP

Intervention may be a bit of a Red Herring as currently for it to occur you need a bad/good result in all the one offs and the recurring.