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Unit recovery & replacements - where and how much

Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:43 pm

I'm a little confused about where to get replacements & to recover hits.
This link: ... ction=edit
Just list towns(I guess villages in our game?) , cities, depots & harbors. But looking a the structure files I see that many others have a RplMinLevel of 1, so could they also provide hit recovery & replacing lost elements?
And does a city level matter like a harbor level or is it just the same to recover in Philadelphia compared to neighboring West Chester?
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Re: Unit recovery & replacements - where and how much

Tue Jul 24, 2018 3:33 pm

From the Wiki:

":*10%: '''Land unit''' in a region with an unbesieged town,
:*20%: '''Land unit''' in a region with an unbesieged city.
:**Minimum city level required is set in each game's City.str structure file by the parameter ''RplMinLevel'':
:*** AACW = 2
:*30%: '''Land unit''' in a region with an unbesieged Depot"

from the Dbase folder for structures changelog:

"changed to match AACW values"

This indicates to me that the City RplMinLvl is 2 (as in AACW), which is indeed the case. Villages are listed with the value of 1. So do other structures not mentioned that have a value of 1 also count as a Town/Village(T/V) for replacement? Apparently not, as Depots are listed with a value of 1, but are clearly described as giving a higher value of replacement than Cities or T/V. Also, a Stockade has a value of 2 (like a City), while the larger Fort and Redoubt both have a value of 1 (like a T/V). Clearly, the value does not reflect an ability to affect replacement as those listed in the Wiki. Perhaps the two values just differentiate between a City and the smaller T/V. Or the Wiki entry may be misleading and I am just dead wrong.

Since harbor level is described specifically and City level is not, this would indicate to me that City level is not a factor.
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