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Union Gold

Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:58 pm

Iv seen several times that it is worth going after the 3 Union held regions with gold. Iv actually succeeded in getting the gold in Colorado for while but could not hold it indefinitely. Is there a Veteran Confederate player that would be willing to personally talk to me through email because im sure that you have game "secrets" or "strategies" that you maybe just do not with to share on the forums but i need the help. Id say my opponent and I have almost the same knowledge of the game mechanics and how they work (he may know a little more) so im already at a disadvantage. Back to the gold though. How do i get all 3 regions without pouring badly needed beginning resources into the Far West? Is there a strategy on this? Is it worth going after against a competent Union player because im sure there is a counter for whatever Southern strategy there is?

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