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Current situation in my playthrough

Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:06 am

It's around Jan. 1863. I'm playing as the CSA. :cwboy:

I exhausted all options to build factories, arsenals, and powder mills. Every single playthrough I always make those a priority, using WS to the very last until I used all those options. Works out well everytime though it's tempting to delay a turn and recruiting some units. :coeurs:

My morale is ~105, after using all the Foreign intervention decisions twice. Union morale is low. :gardavou:

Foreign intervention is ~30 percent. :fleb:

Victory points are well over 4000 points. :pouet:

I'm still managing to hold onto MO and KY. Earlier I struck hard at Louisville and Lexington, capturing those successfully, and I managed to consolidate forces at Jefferson city in MO. You may be wondering how I managed to hold on these. Well first let me say the AI is sergeant, and all of the other settings are default except the battle planner, and pause after battle. :sherlock:

Anyways, earlier in the game I got lucky. The Union lashed out at me in VA, and they took tremendous losses. I then struck back while they were weak. If any of you ever captured Alexandria, then you would understand, but if you can defend Harpersferry, Leesburg, and Alexandria, you have an excellent river defense. In turn, I was able to put more focus out west, so I could attack these strategic locations and hold them as well.

Currently, I'm just about to take St. Louis, as I sent a small army under Van dorn to attack Northern MO to lure the Union army that was stationed at St. Louis. Now I have a strong corp under Mr. Forrest :dada: , with J.B. Hood, John Taylor, and M. Thompson commanding the divisions. The garrison stands no chance. :siffle:

In the far west, it's just a laughable joke. I've taken New Mexico and CO using purely rangers under J.O. Shelby, thank goodness for him. I'm going to take the string of Forts in WY leading up to Virginia City, to which I will invade from the North. At the same time, Baylor with infantry and 6 supply wagons are going from the south to engage the California column under Carleton at Yuma. :rofl: :mdr:

On the MS River, I have an over 2000 power fleet with more ironclads being built. :clown:

The war can be called over I think. :feu:

:papy: My number 1 tip is this: As CSA, use the War Bonds and Taxes decisions twice each before using the Print more money so it will balance the variation. BUILD FACTORIES AS SOON AS YOU HAVE THE OPTION, DO NOT GET ANYTHING ELSE BEFORE YOU EXHAUST THOSE DECISIONS. Use requisitions in southern Texas where loyalty is high. Let bales export by themselves. :hat:

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