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Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:25 pm

Wraith wrote:This is the basis of one of my complaints: that the mechanics aren't visible enough to the player to allow them to understand what they're doing wrong in order to make the proper plans.

YES. That's critical to making the game enjoyable again. For example, the supply map must provide more information about how it flows from sources, to depots and on to the users at the end of the chain. I want to click on a unit and see where it's supply is coming from.

The current vague "green glow" of supply is like seeing "engine needs service" idiot light on your dash board, when what you really want to know is: A) it's time for an oil change, or B) the engine is 4 quarts low and about to sieze up!
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Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:01 pm

I happily play Russian Civil War and Roman games and, it seems unlike some above, I find the recruitment method in them to be a considerable improvement on that in ACW. That said I will happily buy the new game regardless of system! My ambition is to see a stronger possibility of foreign involvement - or rather a more robust mechanism by which the two sides (AI or human) can compete on the issue, adding more of the many factors that affected this issue. I was thrilled to see HMS Warrior (and was it also the Gloire?) among the pre-release pictures - now that would make the naval game really interesting!

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