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Slaughter in Dark Africa

Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:16 pm

Reuters - June 1880

News from the most remote parts of the African continent abound of tales of massacres and violence.

The Bamenda kingdom pursues its war against German and Spanish presence in its land. Following many tales of Spanish and Portuguese civilians in Mbini, and the torching of the Spanish colonial administration there (and in nearby Fernando Po), the German government expressly authorized explorer Gustav Nachtigal to launch a salvage and recovery campaign in those malaria-infested jungles, where European troops have already suffered so much.

A surprise assault was launched from the sea, supported by some of the most recent steel battleships of the Reichmarine. Despite similar strength, German troops made it ashore and repulsed the savage deep into the jungle.


Pacification should continue, but it is expected that this defeat will make the natives more receptive to peace talks (as we heard the previous German ambassador was murdered when he came to discuss terms with those fierce warriors)

Similarly, our correspondant in Accra, Gold Coast, reports rumors of a massive Ashanti uprising in the upland forests near Kumasi, away from the coastline, against British presence.

It seems that European presence in the Dark Continent is less and less tolerated by the natives...

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