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Question about voice file structure in PON.

Thu May 17, 2018 8:22 am

Asked this in modding, but no one there knows. Maybe in tech support someone aware how properly handle this matter.

I wanted to add some additional voice files to the game, extracted from Total War game series - ETW and S2TW. Renamed extracted mp3 files in similar to PON structure, and game log tells me that 10 voices initialized. But files played in messed up order (eg in italian battle you can hear american voice lines). In "Sounds" folder there is file called "Voices.ini" which contain following lines:

ENG = 130
FRA = 146
GER = 162
RUS = 178
SPA = 192

What are those digits? They doesn't seem to match with a faction or country ID's.

What digits should be written to properly add voicefiles to following countries.


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