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The mysterious userpath.ini

Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:23 am

Hi. This is not a request for help but an apparent fix for a problem I had.

When I started my 1850 campaign as the USA a few days ago, things went well for a while and then I started getting crashes to desktop at the very end of turns, that is, at the point the turn had finished processing and should have moved to the next turn. Soon they were happening roughly every other turn. This was the first time I had played at all after a new install and updating to the newest patch and hotfix and Loki script changes. The game kept telling me I needed administrator privileges, even though I was playing as administrator.

This became more frequent, but before writing for help here, I remembered the trick or procedure of deleting the userpath.ini file. I found a post about it from another AGEOD game and did the following:

(1) Remove userpath.ini from the game folder in the C Drive (actually I just pulled it out of the game and put it in another folder for safekeeping).

(2) Start a new game. So I started a new game, played one turn, and clicked the next turn button. I saved that game and then quit.

(3) This part was not in the advice but I didn't want to lose a year plus of my new AAR. Copy my AAR save game from the PON file in Documents, where the game had been saving, to the save file in the PON game folder in Windows. I loaded the AAR game -- it loaded fine -- and began playing and have played through the next seven months without a crash. And the game is saving now to the save folder in the PON game folder in the Windows.

Problem apparently solved. I wanted to mention that here in case it might help someone else.

And I wanted to ask if this is a valid fix. Will I have problems down the road with this?


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Re: The mysterious userpath.ini

Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:20 am

I do not know if this is a good fix, sound like it is, maybe. My solution for all games in this umbrella is to exit every turn if playing pbem or every third turn if playing AI.

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