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Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:12 pm

As it has been said, there is a slight bug with the Ottomans' diplomats. Even with the worst rulers, no nation should be getting less than 1 diplomat per semester. We had the same problem in our PBEM with the Ottomans as well as China. We were fixing it with scripts, but I think a more permanent solution is in order.

Even with the most abysmal of rulers (Diplomacy Skill 1) at least one diplomat should be given... otherwise you really can't do anything in a very unrealistic way.
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Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:30 pm

First of all, thanks for watching and comment. Regretfully I don't have time to continue this game, so I pause it for at least a month.

I leave this game at october of 1871 and there some issues:

-I found a bug with the economic crisis. There has been 3 since I started the game, but when the crisis is over in all the countries, in the Ottoman Empire doesn't happen anything. Thanks to the "economical sunrise" the inflaction isn't big, but I've got now 8% of inflaction and I don't have options to reduce it.

-As you said is a real problem the lack of diplomats, but there is something worst. Since the change in the attitude of the sultan, I can't send peace offers!. I've got 2 diplomatic points, so is a problem with the Sultan and not the lack of points.

-Vienna still resist, one year later the start of the siege. Is that normal? Even with siege artillery they doesn't surrender and I can't assault it because the size of the enemy army (600.000 men I guess).

I hope that this last 2 things can be fixed to continue this game another time. I know that I'm stopping this story in the most interesting part. But at least I narrated an impressive ottoman victory, something that was impossible even for the most optimistic ruler. :thumbsup:

I expect that this game has been something interesting for you and I hope to continue it as soon as possible.

Thanks ;)
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Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:50 pm

thats a pity, but can understand the time drain.

To your questons:

a) I found that over time, inflation does go away, even if it seems to get stuck in the 7-10% range. Its also of little real importance.
b) diplomats, I think there should be a base number for any major power, say 6 per year. Won't allow you to do much but it would help - ask if you need a script to set this off. Not sure about the Sultan, if I recall Kensai has found that low value rulers have a more limited range of options in a crisis, but this sounds a bit harsh. Maybe worth popping it into the bug report directory?
c) Yes, if they have the supply (& I'd guess Vienna has a large depot), then its feasible. Probably most of the Austrian supply stock was there as well. In my wars with the Austrians, I think I've stormed it every time, but then there was not such a huge army in residence. Wonder if it maybe an idea to raise your siege and tempt them out to play in the open?

AAR has been great - great to see such a recovery and to see a mid-game report from a different perspective. I think its this sort of evidence base that really helps identify where chains etc (esp for AI ruled countries) need some care and improvement.
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