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BOR 1.04 public beta patch

Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:49 pm


BOR Public beta patch 1.04 is now available. :thumbsup:

This patch is all-inclusive - meaning, it includes all changes since the beginning, and can be applied to any previous version of the game. It is, in principle, compatible with games started with version 1.03c, although some changes will not apply to an ongoing game.

The main changes and improvements are in the game engine, a result of improvements made during the development of the upcoming Hannibal game

It comes in zip format. Simply unzip it anywhere you want and run the enclosed EXE file.

Although "Public beta", we do not expect major problems. Barring unforseen problems and some minor additions, it will become "official" soon.

[color="#FF8C00"]>>Link to download BOR beta patch 1.04:[/color]

[color="#FF8C00"]>> Changelog[/color] of main fixes (for a comprehensive list of all previous patch versions fixes, check the BOR Updates pdf file installed by the patch)

BOR patch 1.04

NEW EXE (date 29/05/2014)
- Permits to play all AJE, PAR and HAN scenarios inside BOR, if those games are installed in your hard drive
- Significant improvements to AI code (including but not restricted to the ability to assault in sieges and revised supply management in sieges, better handling of siege works RGD, and more!)
- Fixes a bug that prevented the AI to build some units
- Also some new modding possibilities (if interested, ask)

- new look for the faction selection window


All scenarios:
- Fix to strong disciplinarian ability of the Legatus (will increase discipline of legions)
- Improvement in combat capabilities of Iberian and Numidian cavalry

First Punic War 264 BC and 256 BC scenarios:
- Fix to year 246 consuls replacement
- rework of late roman consuls stats
- Fix to Leptis Magna mercatus and caravan events
- Numidian and Iberian mercenaries get replacements


- Area Bound Ability Informations added

We encourage you to try it and give feedback; we will always try to correct and improve any issues found.

Enjoy! :)

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Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:43 am

Thread closed, official patch released

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