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Slave legions not replenishing and other questions

Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:52 pm


I am loving the game. :dada:

Playing as Marius vs Sulla. In the campaign I get the option to raise slave legions. When these slave legions fight they lose elements which don't replenish. I know how to replenish other units - I put them into the depot province and buy chits in production tab, 1 chit for every 10 hits missing. So is there any other way to replenish slave legions besides the standard one which doesn't work?

The way number of hits missing in the production tab is shown is not understood well by me. For example I lose a battle and have many casualties, then I check the numbers of hits missing in the production tab and it is not high. Next turn it gets high. How does the game provide this info? Is the proper way to play with chits to order them up in front even before you start getting missing hits listed?

I am playing this campaign for the second time now on higher difficulty (won a minor victory the first time around on easier difficulty). The first time around slave legions that I ordered were just normal slave legions. In my second campaign run I have gotten 2 normal legions in the last half of the campaign when I ordered 2 slave legions which didn't happen before. Is this a bug or WAD?
Edit: I verified integrity of game's files and it reported 5 mistakes. Maybe that was the reason for those legions to show up wrong.

The second thing that is bugging me is replay previous turn button. I click on it and it doesn't work, nothing happens. Do I need to have a special setting made in the game's options for it to function or is this not working like foreign intervention option that was only meant for other games? What is this button supposed to do any way - replay what happened day by day slowly?
Edit: Figured it out. It was the save replay option that needed to be ticked. Waw, what an awesome game lemenet and I have been missing on it all this time!

I spotted that there is text appearing when the fight is taking place but it goes too fast for me to be able to understand it. Is there a way to see what was written for each battle after 30 days turn ends?

I think Sulla is a bit overpowered. I managed to beat his army, he was down to sole depleted legion in his stack and I have sent fresh properly led 4 legions unto him in hilly terrain in good weather but they lost the fight! How can this be realistic? Dunno, seems not plausible to me. When I finally obliterated him, his stack disappeared. I thought I have killed him but he reappeared in another fresh stack of 3 legions that came from Dalmatia. God damn it. :D :cursing:

Edit: Whenever I take a city there is a double entry in the report at the end of the turn. Is this WAD or a bug?

Thank you for any answers.

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Re: Slave legions not replenishing and other questions

Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:11 am

Your entry and edits provide a challenge in answering, please respond with issues not addressed.

I am pretty sure slave legions are not eligible for replacements, just bonus legions. But what you can try, put them in a city by themselves which city has supply equal to or exceeding the elements of the slave legion.

Sulla is a very powerful general, so this is to be expected. Also, generals do not die when they lose a major battle, so reappearing is normal.

There is no way to slow down the battle report text, the good news, this is for flavor and the reports do not matter to the outcome. If you can read them, you will get some idea of the battle ebb and flow, but the final report, which you can call up at anytime is the key report to know.

Glad you figured out the other functions.

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