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Cash Flow for Carthage

Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:50 pm

Using Cardinal Ape's excellent work and a current game, I pulled together a cash flow chart for Carthage in the 2nd Punic War.

Please test and offer suggestions to this work; I'll edit in the corrections.

Warning - stop reading at this point if you do not want knowledge of the event before the event.

Carthaginian Income Flow

January- normal shipping earnings
Carthaginian treasury will be checked. If it has less than 100 denarii they will lose 1NM and 20VP.

February- normal shipping earnings
Trade from the Mare Internum Commercius has a variable income depending on the number of transport ships in the region. 20 or less ships earns 200$, 21 to 50 will earn 300$, 51 or more will earn 500$.

March- normal shipping earnings
City income is received once per year.

April- normal shipping earnings
Trade: Carthage, Gades

May- normal shipping earnings

June- normal shipping earnings

July- normal shipping earnings
Trade: Utica, Leptis Magna
Carthaginian treasury will be checked. If it has less than 100 denarii they will lose 1NM and 20VP.

August- normal shipping earnings

September- normal shipping earnings
The silver mines of Hispania will earn 200$ if Carthage controls Gades and has a transport unit in Mare Hispanicum Commercius.

October- normal shipping earnings
Yearly Trade which can be: Good 20% for $250, or Bad 20% for -2 NM.

November- normal shipping earnings
Leptis Magna will collect 200$ from caravan trade if it is under Carthage control.

December- normal shipping earnings
Trade: Utica, Leptis Magna, Syracusae

Trade can be: Exceptional 10% chance, Normal, or Poor 10% chance.

Merchants combined with a trade post with give $25 after six turns; the trade post must be replaced.

Requisitions may coerce $50 per area if successful; whether it works or not, loyalty in the area will drop by 10%.

Enslave & plunder for $100 in regions that are not strongly loyal; use requisitions to lower loyalty to this point.

“The More Money” option will allow either faction to exchange 5EP, 2NM, and 25VP for 200$ and a 1% inflation increase; the inflation total is hidden but the % increase does happen.

“Selling Prisoners into Slavery” option if either faction has 5,000 prisoners they will receive an option to sell slaves for $200. If one has enough captured prisoners on hand, this event has a 33% chance every turn to become available again.

Take Leptis Magna and Carthage will lose $200 a year from Caravan trade.

The Carthaginians must build a transport unit and place it in the Mare Hispanicum Commercius area to earn $200 from the Hispania silver mines shipment.

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