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New player looking for a couple game aids

Sat Dec 12, 2015 8:38 pm

Hey all,

I just started playing this awesome game and it occurred to me a series of spread sheets some of the pertinent info regarding terrain would be useful. Has anyone happen to put together a terrain effect and frontage by unit type spreadsheet? I have tried looking for a file repository but have been unsuccessful.



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Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:39 am

Not that I have seen although the terrain effects chart in the manual is pretty useful, for me at least.


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Wed Dec 16, 2015 5:42 pm

The wiki has some frontage/terrain info:

And Narwhal has covered the same in one of his AJE Beginner's Corners:

Beginner's Corners
Structure of units
Unit statistics - Basics
Command Points
Posture and ROE - Basics
Taking structures - Sieges, blockades
Unit statistics - Details
Resources : Money, Engagement Points, Prisoners
Engagement Points
National Morale
Unit production, replacement production
Combat I - Frontage [IMPORTANT]
Combat II - Fire phase
Combat III - Melee phase
Combat IV - Targeting

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Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:18 pm

Although not a specific answer to this thread I would suggest a visit to the Matrix games site War room where Loki has put together a whole series of posts full of useful info.

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